Tapada de Mafra

Your imagination runs wild when visiting The National Hunting Grounds of Mafra, the National Palace´s green belt and the County´s very own lungs.

Established in 1747, it was commissioned by King João V, “the Magnanimous”, who also built the National Palace and Convent to meet a promise he made to the Queen making him heir to the throne.

These grandiose surroundings provided a recreational hunting ground for the King and his Court and supplied firewood and other products to the Convent. This was all built at a time of great royal prosperity resulting from the exploration of gold and diamonds in Brazil, and representing a high-water mark in the Portuguese Baroque.

Now, visitors can afford a healthy variety of activities inside its forest which covers an area of 1,187 hectares. We are invited to do astounding walks; travel on a land train and meet the curious residents – deer, game, wild boar, and birds of all shapes and sizes; and see up close and personal de birds of prey that dominate the place- eagles, falcons, and owls of the most splendorous kind.

Every time the sun shines, which is pretty much all year around, The Tapada Nacional de Mafra, offers unparalleled views over the mountains and sierras, the National Palace itself and of course, the sea. And it promises to enchant you every time.

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