How ‘Women in Business’ have stepped it up!

Foundarte joined forces with Lisbon City Halls ‘Lisbon Business Connections’ to celebrate Women in Business, and helped to organise the first WinB – Women in Business event.

WinB´s mission is to help empower women in Portugal to be more accepted, recognized and enabled within the Qualified Work market, and into more decision making positions.

WinB and foundarte

On the 8th March, during International Women´s Day & in the first of its kind WinB ran a series of events in Lisbon for business women.

‘Business Breakfast’ kicked the day off at the city’s Chamber of Commerce where businessmen and women discussed matters relating to

  • Women in decision-making roles
  • The balance between work and family
  • and inequality throughout the workplace

The highlight of the morning – an address by Portugal’s President of Citizenship and Gender Equality, Teresa Fragoso.

In a presentation ceremony Foundarte took great pride in honouring  her with  a magnificent XVII century Pantera style marquetry  Jewelry box – Handmade by their artisan José Lourenço.

The  ‘Mentoring Lunch’ took it up a notch at the ‘coolest’ Guest House in downtown Lisbon – Tesouro da Baixa. There, 3 Roundtables saw businesswomen discuss various stages of their business including

  • Their viability
  • What support infrastructures are available
  • How to accelerate to the next level of growth

All Discussions professionally moderated by

  • A Women in Business committee member
  • A successful & experienced entrepreneur
  • And a representative of the City´s biggest ‘Business Incubators’ (non-profit organisations who support the creation and running of small to medium enterprises).

Foundarte CEO Helga Saraiva-Stewart awarded 3 lucky competition winners with fantastic prizes:

  • A business coaching session with a popular specialist organisation
  • A stunning original watercolour by renowned artist Rui Pinheiro
  • And a gorgeous Nut-Cracking tool & basket set from culinary designer Florinda Ramalho. Both artisans operating out of the Foundarte label

At the ‘Sunset Evening’ more guests congregated at the Aljube Museum in Lisbon; which curiously was a famous prison where women committing even the smallest misdemeanours were incarcerated with political and ecclesiastical prisoners until the 1920s.

It now stands as a national symbol that represents the fight against dictatorship and the resistance shown in the challenge for freedom and democracy.

Above all Foundarte is very proud to be part of this committee and have a role in connecting and empowering businesswomen and men in Portugal. – Foundarte CEO Helga Saraiva-Stewart

Did you take part in International Womens Day? Please feel free to leave your comments or feedback on this article

Written by A.Stewart for Foundarte

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