All clay and no work…


Makes Portugal a beautiful place!

Portugal loves its clay, they eat from it, sculpt it, they even make their bricks out of it – well, okay, everyone makes bricks out of it!

But really if it’s one thing they’re  awesome at it’s clay work, and there are some very talented artisans, making very beautiful things.

Check out this work from artist Jorge Batalha who started sculpting at a very early age and specialises in character styled pieces that have religious themes.

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Inside of his workshop are literally thousands of pieces, all crafted by hand in the relentless pursuit of happiness.

Having spent much of his working life creating sculptures and selling them at artisan fayres around the country, he now spends most of his days pottering around (pun intended)  adding to the collection.

Foundarte commercial director Diana Ferreira told us…

His work is a well balanced mixture of art, satire and beauty; it’s the tiniest of details that really shine!

Jorge, like many other artisans in the Mafra region of Portugal found themselves facing difficult times after the global financial crisis hit hard; slowly but surely though a revival of these crafts is taking place.

Foundarte is at the heart of this cause and has grouped together a community of these artisans with one common goal in mind: –

To build a bridge between the old traditions of yesterday, and bring them into a modern future.

More videos of our artisans can by found here

Written by Alan Stewart for Foundarte

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