Focus On… Florinda

Florinda Ramalho – Kitchen and dining ware designer

We’ve all done it, we’ve all went out for a stroll and noticed something that we think would look great in our homes – perhaps a particular stone work pattern, a tile arrangement or glasswork.

Today’s artist in focus is Florinda Ramalho and she often goes out for a walk and comes home with… Logs! Lots of logs and trunks that she stores, dries and treats before turning them into stunning, artistic and practical additions for the home.

A former seamstress by profession, Florinda gave wings to her imagination and used naturally twisted and gnarled pieces of hardwood as her canvas.

I started to make wine bottle holders and offer them to my friends as a decorative alternative, but I soon wanted to move on to other creations; then I thought, why not embellish on the bottle holder, she explains.

Very quickly the simple wine bottle holder had new cosmetic and practical features added to it, a place to store the opener and wine glasses turned the piece into a more artistic looking utility and it wasn’t long before it was worthy of gracing tables as a decorative element.

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As is usual with most artisans, Florinda shows her work at local fayre’s and exhibitions and she never misses an opportunity to take her tools with her and make pieces in front of spectators.

It’s fantastic to see the reaction on peoples faces when they see the work and then find out that it was me that created it, she told us chuckling. It’s not very common to see a women in these parts creating pieces like this, and when they find out that I used to be a seamstress and had nothing to do with wood, they find it even more mystifying.

Take a little look at her at work below.

After speaking with Florinda and seeing her designs, it really is apparent that her work has a very practical purpose but also has an aesthetic sense that really does reflect her personality.

Foundarte couldn’t be more excited to have come across this very talented artisan said CEO and founder Helga Saraiva-Stewart, Florinda is very happy with what she does and we can see that she passes this on to every piece that she creates.

More work by Florinda can be found in the wood work craft section of our website and you will also see the final look of the piece being made in the video here

We will be running a regular artist in focus section so stay tuned or join our mailing list for updates and notifications. Alternatively like/follow us using the icons featured.


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