Rui Pinheiro painting at his home studio

Focus On… Rui Pinheiro

A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not.

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Today’s Focus On article illustrates the work and life of a fantastic Portuguese artist and sculptor called Rui Pinheiro.

Former footballer turned watercolour artist, Rui Pinheiro demonstrated an inclination towards art from a very young age.  “I remember going into the street, sitting down and making a sketch that I later painted using an old box of watercolour tablets I naively used as Gouache!” he recalls, but his passion was always considered as an activity in parallel with football, his job and the war in Africa.

After graduating a course in Industrial Design Rui worked on machine design, but the work was “very strict, technical drawing with ruler and square” it lacked fluidity and did not satisfy the creative that lurked within him. “My creativity evolved slowly, but I always knew the aesthetic that I wanted” he explained further, greater learning was achieved when he went to exhibitions of past contemporary artists.

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He recalled sweetly seeing the image work of Alfredo Roque Gameiro, Alves de Sá and Alberto Souza and is still amazed that the works he saw as a young man are now being exhibited with works of his own.

Rui Pinheiro is an artist who, through his sensitivity, gives a wonderful expression to living nature, places and people in a light        restful movement. His talent can build, out of nowhere, something       so very beautiful.

                                                        – Carlos Rocha. Painter

The portrayal of landscapes whether rural or urban, the human form or nature and life in Portugal, has always been done with such care and delicacy in Rui Pinheiros’ works, that his work is immediately recognized in the Portuguese art scene. After 30 years of artistic career, his watercolor images have been exhibited in over 70 individual shows and more than 100 collective exhibitions.

His extreme dedication has been highly accredited throughout the years, in 2003 he was awarded the Silver Medal of Municipal Merit by the Council of Sintra and in 2013, he was also awarded the Professional Recognition Diploma in Plastic Arts by the Rotary Club of Mafra. A highly accomplished artist who still participates in live painting shows Rui Pinheiro is also a very skilled potter who has some incredible sculptures to his name too.

We could not have more admiration for this artist at Foundarte and are proud to offer a large selection of his work to the world.

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