7 Breathtaking Rooftop Views in Lisbon

If it’s a view that you are after then Lisbon is the place to be, there are so many stunning viewpoints throughout the city that you just can’t get them all done in a day.  Foundarte has showcased 7 of these breathtaking views for you to ponder whilst you try to organise your next trip to Portugal!

Café da Garagem

When you’re sick and tired of routine, seeing the same faces or being in the same places then this rooftop coffee shop is for you.  Day or night it comes with a spectacular view across the city rooftops. Decorated with vintage theater objects, serving great coffee in a really relaxed atmosphere this hide out is a gem.

More info Here http://www.teatrodagaragem.com/?page_id=1084

2. MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture & Technology

This place is spectacular inside and out, a magnificently designed building that is filled with wonder on the inside and is adorned with a huge viewpoint on the outside. It is situated right by the side of the River Tagus and when you stroll onto it, the smell of the ocean air is enchanting. The building was designed by English architect Amanda Levete and it a stunning piece of art for your eyes to worship.

More info here https://www.maat.pt/pt

3. The Miradoro Castelo de São Jorge

This is considered by many people to be the best viewpoint in Portugal, pink and blue sunsets, golden sunrises and the vibrant bustle from the streets below can all be experienced from this city high-point. A Moorish castle that has stood the test of time and has inspired many. You can schedule a trip there next time you and your loved one are in Lisbon. It’s a must see.

4. Elevator de Santa Justa

Going up! A real open penthouse view of the Lisbon skyline can be had from this amazing mechanical elevator in the city down town area.  A neoclassic iron canvas of engineering artwork that has so many intrinsic details and fluid shapes you can just see that it’s construction was no piece of cake.  The view from here is wonderful and can be better appreciated through the lens of the human eye rather than that of the professional camera.

More info here http://www.carris.pt/pt/ascensores-e-elevador/

5. Lost in

Err lost in? Lost in what I hear you say. How about being lost in a magical colourful garden that is filled with the fragrance of aromatic herbs, where the sun pierces the natural ivy curtains around its railing as you sip slowly on one more refreshing tipple. It’s like a scene from a movie, and this roof top garden and bar in high Lisbon’s Principe Real area is certainly a contender for the ‘best garden view Oscar’. – It’s a winner, hands down!

You can check out their page here https://pt-pt.facebook.com/lostin.esplanada/

6. Topo Bar

Another fantastic bar makes our listing and it’s a bar that has recently opened an Eastern Asian concept room, where they serve the finest Eastern cuisine. The bar also holds thematic event nights and live music sessions, so that you can enjoy massive sunsets to some chilled beats. Topo bar occupies the 6th floor of a building in Chiado (an Über trendy area of Lisbon) and it’s views guarantee not to disappoint.

More info here https://pt-pt.facebook.com/TOPO-1679047655647575/

Our final listing is in the heart of Lisbon and is a lounge like no other.

7. Park Lounge

Located in the heartbeat neighbourhood of the Bairro Alto (known for it’s changing from day to night) is the Park lounge.  When the sun sets and the last of its fiery yellows drips from the horizon the streets below begin to fill with groups of people with only one care in the world; find their spot. The most coveted of which is Park lounge, presenting itself as the city’s first suspended garden, its not only an amazing viewpoint in the evening, it has something fun on every night ranging from outrageous programs to DJ sets, special playlists and an outdoor cinema event!

more info here https://pt-pt.facebook.com/parklisboaofficial/?ref=nf

Foundarte is a small Portuguese company that specialize in sourcing unique or limited edition handmade Portuguese artisan products. Please share this article with your friends and help us strengthen all that is Portugal.

Authored by Alan Stewart & researched by Inés Araújo.

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