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2018 – 3 reasons to be excited about handmade!

It’s January, it’s probably cold where you are, you could just cozy up under a warm blanket and hibernate for the rest of winter, but here at Foundarte some exciting new things are happening and we want you to be a part of it!

For this is the year of the Handmade! This is the year to be excited!

1. This is the year for you to Imagine,

Imagine Portugal’s fascinating history and pride in its Artisan traditions, from the world famous Azulejos to its handmade shoes and jewellery.  Imagine that for 800+ years we have been skillfully crafting wonderful pieces of pottery and ceramic that adorn peoples homes and lives with beautiful art and design.

Imagine a world filled with handmade, a place where the only limit IS the imagination! We want you to let that imagination run free and to see the colour return to the world.

2. This is the year to Create

This year is very exciting for us here at Foundarte and we are going to create a year packed full of

All bound together with fun videos and posts for you to enjoy!

We will also be showcasing our new jewellery and handbag collections – all handmade of course! As well as new collections in wool and clothing, home accessories and wall paintings.

Here’s a sneaky peek at a couple of pieces we will be putting in our new handmade jewellery section.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. This is the year for us to Be.

We will Be taking you out and about on our adventures to show you how your products are made. You will be Offered exclusive insights into the lives of local artisans and given a year packed with Entertainment, giveaways and fun facts,  all for free,  from us to you!

Together we’ll Be:

Raising our glasses and saying Happy 2018 to everyone. It’s going to Be Amazing!

We hope that you are as excited as we are and looking forward to the #YearOfTheHandmade and as always we look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Your likes and shares are important to us and we really appreciate them, suggestions for articles can be made in the comments section below.

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